re: Network management ...

Craig Partridge (craig@NNSC.NSF.NET)
Wed, 23 Mar 88 10:02:48 -0500


On the network management side of the question, here's the recommended
reading list:

    - The March Issue of IEEE Network (a special issue on network management
    protocols). Reportedly on its way to you now, although I have yet
    to receive my copy.

    - RFCs 1021-1024 on the High-Level Entity Management System (HEMS).

    - RFC 1028 on the Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol (SGMP). (A proposed
        revision either has been or will shortly be released as an IDEA)

    - Other work of interest is the still-in-progress work by the NETMAN
    working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) on a
    TCP-IP version of the Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP).
    Contact the chairman of that group (Lee LaBarre,
    for current drafts.

Finally -- there is an Internet mailing list on network management. Mail
to to join.


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