RE: offloading the protocols

Jerry Scott (
22 Mar 88 14:06:00 PST

        Agreed, the cpu on the board will definitely come
into play in terms of performance. We see that here at
TWG when our host resident software is compared against
on-board software on VAX 86xx or 88xx hardware. The host
resident runs circles around the on-board in these cases.

        I think the Jacobson/Karels code has more to offer
than blazing performance. The code that I am distributing
does not yet have the performance hooks that Van explained
in some of his mail messages. But it does have improved
congestion control that allows my connections to adapt to
line speeds during the life of the connection rather than
at the beginning. Not only does this code save the net
the overhead of unnecessary retransmissions, but prevents
timeouts of connections as well. The big improvement I
have seen is with Arpanet mail. It used to be the case that
I would try to send mail to another host, make the connection,
and then lose the connection because of timeouts before the
mail could be transferred. Now, even at peak packet times,
mail delivery is reliable.


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