Re: How can I leave telnet temporarily?

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21 Mar 88 15:41:19 GMT

In article <5854@cit-vax.Caltech.Edu> (Xiao-He Zhang) writes:
> I am not sure if this is the right group, and I am sorry if this has been
>discussed recently. Can anyone tell me how I can escape back to local host
>from "telnet" temporarily and how I can supply a login file for "telnet"?

Assuming you are using telnet on unic, when you are logged on to the remote
host, you can enter the escape ^] (thats control right bracket) , that should
take you back to the telnet> prompt, which you can enter ^z to stop the
job to return to the local machine. To get back, you type fg to bring
the stopeed job back to the foreground, hit return and you should be back
on the remote machine.

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