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In article <In article <117@wbcs.UUCP> In article <117@wbcs.UUCP> doug@wbcs.UUCP (Doug Kratky) writes:
>What does a 2 value in the hardware field of ARP (ar_hrd)
>represent? Does anyone have a list of the different values
>that are valid for the hardware field and the types of
>hardware they correspond to?
        The following is extracted from rfc1010:

   The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) specified in RFC 826 [64] has
   several parameters. The assigned values for these parameters are
   listed here.


      Operation Code (op)

         1 REQUEST
         2 REPLY

      Hardware Type (hrd)

         Type Description References
         ---- ----------- ----------
           1 Ethernet (10Mb) [JBP]
           2 Experimental Ethernet (3Mb) [JBP]
           3 Amateur Radio AX.25 [PXK]
           4 Proteon ProNET Token Ring [JBP]
           5 Chaos [GXP]
           6 IEEE 802 Networks [JBP]
           7 ARCNET [JBP]

      Protocol Type (pro)

         Use the same codes as listed in the section called "Ethernet
         Numbers of Interest" (all hardware types use this code set for
         the protocol type).

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