Re: AT&T ISN as a Method of Connecting Ethernets

Walt Haas (
14 Mar 88 20:36:29 GMT

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> ISN provides sophisticated routing for all of its digital
> services except the Ethernet bridge. Like Vitalink's, AT&T's
> bridge mixes (internal) network address resolution with routing.
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> There is no reason a "disconnected" polygon (e.g. a
> dog-leg) cannot be used for network address resolution and a
> closed polygon used for transferring data over the shortest path
> once addressing has been resolved. Like Vitalink, AT&T just did
> not bother. If you understand this, you can skip the next four
> paragraphs.
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Vitalink's new software release does exactly what you suggest.
Furthermore the Vitalink software now interoperates with DEC
LANbridges to form a unified spanning tree for routing. Call
Mike Coker at Vitalink and ask him to explain it to you.

Cheers -- Walt Haas utah-cs!haas

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