Re: IP options crash our Sun gateway

C. Philip Wood (cpw%sneezy@LANL.GOV)
Fri, 18 Mar 88 14:08:14 MST

I have found IP options and ICMP functions useful. I also feel that if
they crash gateways, then the gateway should be replaced darned quick.
I also think that users planning on joining or doing an Internet should
become familiar with RFC1009 which explicitly states that Record Route,
Loose and Strict Source Route,among the others, are required for gateways.

OPTION does not mean its up to the discretion of the Vendor, only that it
may or may not be in an IP header!

We are planning to use the IP Security Option, or son of ... You bet the
IP options are important. A vendor who's product does not work correctly
will not be looked on kindly from here.

cornett philip wood (

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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