Re: Ping, checksum algorithm?

paul pedersen (
17 Mar 88 20:28:54 GMT

In article <In article <123@heart-of-gold> In article <123@heart-of-gold> jc@heart-of-gold (John M Chambers x7780 1E342) writes:
>[question about 'ping']

Sorry to post about this, but addresses like "Sorry to post about this, but addresses like "jc@heart-of-gold" are really
unacceptable. I tried to comment via e-mail, but of course no sane mailer
will accept such an address. "Heart-of-gold" is too long for UUCP, and
doesn't have the right format for the domain system. Puh-leeze get your
system fixed so it doesn't send out articles with meaningless addresses.

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