Re: TCP/IP Versus WANG, ARCNET/NOVELL Netware, & Honeywell

Larry Backman (interlan!
1 Feb 88 12:57:11 GMT

In article <[A.ISI.EDU]26-Jan-88.08:13:44.CERF> CERF@A.ISI.EDU writes:
>NOVELL Netware and TCP/IP have been made to interoperate by Novell.
>I do not know any of the details of the software or how one conveys
>the desired IP destination to the TCP/IP server. It may behave like
>TELNET piggybacking (where you log into a host and TELNET back out
>again, specifying where you want to go to the User Telnet).


        Sorry to bang the drum loudly but... Micom-Interlan implemented
        the TCP gateway under Netware with OS support from Novell.
        They know Netware, we know TCP.(or kind of).
        Client programs on the gateway were ported from Bsd4.3, they
        look and act exactly the same. A user wishing to use TELNET goes
        through the following script:

                ipx /* load Netware driver in workstation*/
                net3 /* load Netware redirector */

                f:login server\username

                netbios /* load NETBIOS emulator */

                gwattach gatewayname /*make a NETBIOS connection
                                         between PC and server */

                Telnet vax4


        The server and gateway are roughly analogous to a real OS with TCP.
        You log on to a file server, prepare your environment, and then
        use TCP as a service. We ifconfig addresses just like UNIX, and
        have an /etc/hosts file just like UNIX. In our next release we
        will have domain name resolution... Hope I clarified things.

                                                Larry Backman
                                                Micom - Interlan

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