Using DEC VT200 mode through telnet
23 Feb 88 19:53:00 EST

I believe VT200 mode allows the system to transmit 8-bit control codes to the
terminal. TPU takes advantage of this. For instance, the "<esc>[" sequence
is replaced by "<csi>" (9B in hex). This makes the host/terminal
communications more compact, and perhaps quicker.

Unfortunately, the intervening com facilities must pass 8-bit codes.
I don't think telnet normally does this.

I logged into my Sun running their latest software, but couldn't find
an option to put its telnet into binary mode.

I logged onto our VMS Vax, and fired up the Wollongong telnet. It does support
a "binary" mode, and this successfully runs TPU. Unfortunately, the command
cannot be placed into their TELINIT. telnet startup configuration file;
instead it must be typed in manually once the connection has been opened.

Best wishes,
Bob Enger


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