NFS for Macintoshes?

John Andrew Rosauer [Network] (munnari!otc!metro!intro!
22 Feb 88 05:42:49 GMT

We have a thin Ethernet running through our building (and effectively
throughout the University) with IP running on top of this.
We run telnet, ftp and NFS on our UNIX boxes and our PCs (using SUN's
It would be nice to include Macintoshes (the standard ones, not Mac IIs)
into this network. I have seen lots of gateways to tcp/ip which
give you telnet and ftp but not NFS. Does anyone know if such products
exist and what are the hardware requirements? I am particularly interested
in solutions for an Ethernet card for a MAC SE and for the Kinetics
AppleTalk/Ethernet-tcp/ip gateway.

Thanks in advance.
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