PSN Physical connections.

William Westfield (BILLW@MATHOM.CISCO.COM)
Tue 23 Feb 88 11:21:26-PST

Is there an RFC or other document someplace that describes the
physical connection between a host and a PSN? This was a lot easier
in the 1822 days, but now there is rs232, rs449, v.35, dce, dte,
internal clocking, external clocking, providing an external clock, and
all sorts of other things that are necessary to get X.25 working
properly... There are apparently several varieties of interface
available on the PSN, not to mention several types of PSNs. Id like
to know ALL the available configurations, so that I can tell people
"yes, to connect a cisco Gateway to your PSN, you will also need and
X, a Y, and a Z, or you can get the PSN reconfigured to be FOO, in
which case you won't need the Z any more".

Bill Westfield
cisco Systems.

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