Link level Ethernet bridges

C. Philip Wood (cpw%sneezy@LANL.GOV)
Tue, 23 Feb 88 09:44:29 MST

Does anyone on this list have an inkling about why given the following
configuration that one specific hosts ethernet packets are not passed
through a "bridge":

    segment 1 segment 2

        Ha--| |--Hz
            | |
        Hb--| |--Hz-1
            | |
        Hp--| |
            . .
            . .
            . .
        Hq--| |--Hr

All the hosts Ha through Hz with the exception of Hp can communicate over
the ether. All the hosts Ha through Hq INCLUDING Hp can communicate over
segment 1.

Phil Wood

P.S. I'm afraid to mention any vendor's names for fear of getting sue'd.

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