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>more than once) is that is leaves them liable to a law suite [sic].
>results, a vendor could sue and most probably win if I got up and
>said its product didn't work. Unfortunately, passing the formal
>testing is no guarantee of being able to interoperate.

Which is why the DCA/NBS "ProtoLab NVLAP" program needs our support. The
output from a ProtoLab test suite of a protocol implementation IS NOT JUST
a good/nogood tag; it is a COMPLETE and TRACEABLE standard-compliance
report. Which means that any potential user can evaluate, in light of
OWN/REAL/ACCEPTABLE/NECESSARY task to be accomplished, whether or
not to buy a particular implementation.

And, properly done, the ProtoLab results show a HECK OF A LOT about the
chances of interoperability, too.

Regardz, [Engineering: The Art of Science]
Ken Leonard
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