a ping with record route

Charles Jerian (cpj@citi.umich.edu)
19 Feb 1988 10:41 EST

A ping that works tolerably well with record route is
on citi.umich.edu via anonymous ftp in
pub/ping.tar.Z It works on 4.3 systems like RT's and
on a vax running ultrix with some kernel changes. It crashes
a vax running stock ultrix.
Suns drop RR packets. It used to work for me to arpa sites running
dec-10s but now that my arpa path goes to psc-gw instead of terp,
it has stopped working for me.
Various machines do different things with record route.
Fuzzs turn them around but don't record their presence,
protogaters and 4.3 systems record their presence but don't turn
them around. Kinetics boxes turn them around. HP/UX turns them around.
Mailbridges don't turn them around or record their presence.

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