TCP/IP, X.25 and ISO products

Thu, 18 Feb 88 12:30:26 PST

Many of you are probably interested in tracking the development of ISO
products since the DoD announcement to support ISO. The Defense Data
Network (DDN) document, the "DDN Protocol Implementations and Vendors
Guide", produced by the DDN Network Information Center (NIC), contains
product descriptions of TCP/IP, X.25 and ISO products. It is being
updated for release at the end of the month.

For those of you who are fairly new to the network, this document is a
guide to implementations and products associated with the DDN suite of
data communications protocols. It is published for informational
purposes only. Although inclusion does not constitute an endorsement
on behalf of DoD, the product descriptions may help you to locate
useful products or implementations. To assist with the network's
transition to ISO protocols, we are making every attempt to include
descriptions of ISO-based products.

Over the last few months many vendors have been letting us know about
their TCP/IP and ISO product line. If you know of any work being done
in support of TCP/IP, ISO, or X.25 that you would like to see listed
in this guide, please let the NIC know. For your convenience, we
developed an online template for easily filling out the type of
information we are seeking. The template is on the SRI-NIC.ARPA host
in the file NETINFO:VENDORS-TEMPLATE.TXT and may be FTPed or obtained
through SERVICE, the NIC's automatic mail service. For instructions
or questions about any of the above, contact NIC@SRI-NIC.ARPA or call
us at 1-800-235-3155 or 415-859-3695.

-Francine Perillo /DDN NIC

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