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Hello All,

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MY host administrator has changed our official sitename to match
our MILnet sitename ( This will cause the
"FROM" address of my mail to conform network requirements.

Seems only fair...

Terry Robb
*- Terence A. Robb -*
*- Network Solutions -*
*- Systems Programming Specialist -*
*- MILnet: -*
*- PHONEnet: (703) 749-1918 -*
*- MAILnet: 8229 Boone Blvd., 7th Floor, Vienna, Virginia, 22180 -*

Comment by C. BACON
I take it from the name that DEC-VAX-11-750.ARPA is the definitive and
authoritative gateway to all the 750s on the Internet! You could get
just a wee bit dumber and name your site NETWORK-HOST.ARPA (=:
--Or how about ARPA.ARPA (hostmaster could let it slip past!)

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