Re: "Guidelines to write Subjects"

R.A. Schnitzler (umich!mibte!gamma!sabre!blade!
17 Feb 88 19:53:13 GMT

Of course the biggest problem with this is one we already face. Most
messages on most (unmoderated) groups are followups. More
specifically, for most postings, people do not do a thing to the
subject line, resulting in obsolete or uninformative subjects. This
coding scheme would in practice, then, refer to the original message,
not necessarily the current one.

Also, I would have much preferred this topic coming up as a suggestion
("What do people think about...?" rather than an autocratic decree
"Please follow the guidelines below...." I also resented the
implication that strict adherence to these guidelines had a direct
relationship to the intelligence of a posting.

Perhaps I missed some earlier postings that might have given a more
polite motivation to this decree.


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