Re: ftp hang while trying to talk to

Ken Rossman (sy.Ken@CU20B.COLUMBIA.EDU)
Wed 17 Feb 88 15:58:36-EST

  I'm experiencing some strange hangs while attempting to ftp files from
  cu20b. Specifically, the pattern is that I make the connection, log
  in as anonymous and as the password. Then I start
  transferring some data (either a directory listing or an actual get
  command) and after some short time (approximately 15K worth of data
  has been transmitted) the transfer hangs and stops doing things...

You are by far not the only site having this problem with FTP to CU20B.
We're getting lots of complaints about it. Near as I can tell, what we're
doing is running out of IP free space, after which, all of our daemons get
very confused and stop working properly. No one is really working on this
problem here because CU20B's lifetime is only a few more months, but if
anyone happens to have collected up some pertinent IP free space manager
monitor patches, and they don't look too complex to put in, I guess I'll
take a crack at them.

At least this is what I *think* is going on here... /Ken

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