Ethernet Monitoring/Management and Planning Information

P. G. Cutting (mcvax!ukc!!kelpie!
11 Feb 88 15:52:16 GMT

This is the first posting that we have put on usenet, so bare
with us.

We are 9 students on a Computing Science advanced MSc course
(Computing Softwareand Systems Design) at Newcastle University,
England. We have been assigned a group project concerning the
monitoring/management and planning of an ethernet network. The
project has been set because the Computing Lab wishes to expand
its ethernet to the whole campus.

Departments linked by the new Ethernet will be allowed to connect
what ever hardware they desire so it is likely that a hetrogenous
network will develop.

At present we have a Spider ethernet monitoring tool, and a Nest
network simulator (from Columbia University) . We hope to use the
first to provide us with quantative load information on the
current ethernet, and the second to help us predict the loads
that will occur on the future ethernet. Obviously we will have to
consult each university department about how they will use the
future ethernet to achieve this.

One of the tasks specified in the project is to produce a set of
network management tools. Some of which are noted below :-

* a broadcast facility which allows the manager to send a message
  to some or all users on the network.

* a fault monitor which can tell the manager of any faults (both
  physical and software) that occur on the network.

* a load monitor which can tell the manager what load each
  device is putting on the network, etc.

If anyone has anything they think might be useful, be they tools,
references, reports, problems encountered or advice then we would
be more then pleased to hear from you.

The project must be completed by the end of April so it is
important that replies be sent as soon as possible to -


We will post our results including an annotated bibliography to
the net if there is sufficient demand.

Thanks in advance.

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