DDN Connection Problems

Jim Chappell (vrdxhq!ms3!isns01@umd5.umd.edu)
12 Feb 88 18:50:23 GMT

I've followed the PSN 7.0 dialog, but haven't seen my aspect of the
problem discussed:

Occasionally, near an hour hack, (9:58, for example,) we begin getting
syslog msgs: 'No buffer space available' from sendmail, mconnect,
etc. accessing particular systems.

At the same time we have no problems getting to other systems.

The milnet NOC tells us to reboot; but I doubt their veracity.

The problem clears up at near another hour hack.

Could someone be turning us on and off at the PSN side?

Wwe are running vanilla 4.2BSD (We are getting ready to upgrade to 4.3BSD)
and 1822.

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