fast line coders/decoders

Eric Dutkiewicz (munnari!basser!metro!otc!
10 Feb 88 00:26:51 GMT

We are looking for an encoder/decoder chip(set) capable of supporting data
rates of at least 150Mbit/s. An example is the AMD TAXI chipset Am7968 &
Am7969 which uses NRZI, 4B/5B coding, runs at 100Mbit/s, and complies with
FDDI standard.

While a faster version of this chipset would be ideal, what we're
looking for doesn't necessarily have to use 4B/5B coding etc, but would have
to be fast (i.e. 150Mbit/s).

E-mail replies direct to myself, and I will summarise and release to the net.

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