SLIP and Telebit modems

Brian Lloyd (wb6rqn!brian@Sun.COM)
14 Feb 88 13:12:07 EST (Sun)

We use Telebit Trailblazer+ modems here to communicate between systems
running TCP/IP/SLIP. Throughput is enhanced by sending large segments
and very large windows but if you get things too large you run the risk
of overflowing the buffers in the TB+.

The solution here is to enable the hardware handshaking (Trailblazer+
drops CTS and the host stops sending data). This will guarantee that
the TB+ buffers will never overflow. Flow control in the reverse
direction, e.g. from the modem to the host, has not been a problem
since our implementation of SLIP on the Convergent boxes seems happy to
accept data at 19,200 bps.

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Sirius Systems, Inc.
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