Re: A plea for sanity (Errors-To: lines)

Roy Smith (phri!
14 Feb 88 02:09:22 GMT

Stuart Levy writes:
> Sendmail seems to support "Errors-To"; how many other mailers do?

        A couple of years ago I was running a small mailing list and decided
to add "Errors-To:" headers to outgoing messages. Much to my surprise I got
some rather angry mail from a system administrator somewhere in Europe who
said that his mailer didn't grok the "Errors-To:" lines. Not only didn't his
mailer grok the lines, but it couldn't digest them or even consume them and
pass them through unchanged. It seems that when his mailer saw the
"Errors-To:" line it died, wreaking all sorts of havok and mayhem on his
machine. He urgently requested that I either stop adding the non-standard
headers or stop sending mail to his machine!

        Personally I thought he (and/or his mailer) was over-reacting, but I
decided to drop the "Errors-To:" anyway.

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