Summary of MCA Ethernet Cards
Wed, 10 Feb 88 12:55:44 EST

   Subject: Re: MCA Ethernet Cards

> I'm interested in finding out what Ethernet Cards exist
> for the Micro Channel. I'm most interested in finding
> some that will run with Banyan Vines, 3Com's 3Plus, and Novell's
> Netware. I know a few exist out there. If you know of any,
> I'd be interested in finding out which card you're using and
> what kind of performance you're experiencing for your network.

Here's a summary of the responses I received:
 - - - - -

   We've had several 3Com Etherlink/MC (3c523) cards in PS/2-60s
   for a few weeks now. No problems. We're using 3Com 3PLus. 150
   stations, mostly PCs, but not all.
 - - - - -

   Here at Virginia Tech we have used the Ungermann-Bass Nic/ps2
   card in a PS/2 model 60. We are running the IBM PC/IP code
   version 1.1 without any problems.
 - - - - -

   Ungermann-Bass have already released their PC-NIC for the
   Micro-Channel. The device is known as the NICps/2. It hasnt
   got a local processor like the PC-NIU but the price is very
   favourable. I just received a piece but have not tested it.
   Still trying to beg, borrow or steal a PS/2.

 - - - - -

   I'm not using any, but I know of the following two which are
   currently available: 3COM 3C523, which I believe 3Plus will
   support; and Ungermann-Bass NIC/2 (or something like that).
   Other vendors like Micom-Interlan and Western Digital have
   announced that they are working on MCA interfaces but have not
   delivered anything yet.
 - - - - -

   Hi. I know of only two MCA ether cards out now. The
   Ungermann-Bass NIC PS/2 and the 3Com Etherlink/MC. I've done
   drivers for both for pc/ip here and get comprable throughput
   from both. I would prefer the 3Com card as for less price one
   gets the thin transceiver onboard. I also doubt that the UB
   board would work with 3Plus, but can not comment on support of
   Vines or Netware for either card.

If anyone finds out anything new or different on this topic, send
a message to me and I'll be glad to summarize to the network.
Thanks everyone for your input!

Carol Ann Feder
LAN Consultant
The University of Michigan
Computing Center User Services

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