Complete FROM: field.

Fri, 12 Feb 88 13:32:07 EST

   (Note the FROM: field of all my outgoing mail contains "(Note the FROM: field of all my outgoing mail contains "terry@DVAX")

>I would like to recommend that consideration also be given to the pros and
>cons of sending out mail containing an incomplete From: field.


If your message is meant to suggest that my mail message contained
an incomplete "FROM:" field, I feel compelled to answer.

The address was complete. It is the COMPLETE address of my node on our
local net. I will agree is doesn't conform to standards. If I had the
authority to change the name to meet the standard format, I would.
(Not that you could use it anyway.)

However, please note I did include my COMPLETE MILNET address
at the bottom of my message, and, most importantly, I included the
proper punctuation at the end of my subject line.

Terry Robb

P.S. If your mail message meant something else... nevermind.

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