Re: X.25 to Milnet PSN problems - the continuing saga

John T. Nelson (pitstop!sundc!potomac!
12 Feb 88 01:32:30 GMT

In article <7@ucsd.EDU>, brian@ucsd.EDU (Brian Kantor) writes:
> I'm told that a trace in the PSN code shows that the IMP wasn't even
> trying to open the circuit to us, so it's probably in or related to the
> PSN code and not the interface - especially since it just started
> happening without us making and hardware or software changes. It DID
> start around the time the Arpanet cut over to PSN-7, but we're on the
> Milnet.
> We're currently running a process that sends a single ping packet to
> each of the Milnet mailbridges once every 45 seconds to ensure that the
> X.25 VC stays open so that traffic will find an already-open VC instead of
> blocking because it can't open one of its own.

Well aside from you being on the Milnet this sounds just like our
experiences. However we have a Sun III/180 running 3.4 of their
operating system with the Sun X.25 DDN software and an SCP board. Our
PSN is running 7.0 and we talk to it only via HDH (although we are
configured to talk via X.25 "extended").

I run a ping on a host that we peer with every second.

We are still talking to BBN about these problems.


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