RE Subject field policy.!@#$%^&*()_+ (that should cover everything)
11 Feb 88 21:30:00 EST

True to your message, I have already received a mail failure notice
from some place off in the land of the big blue machines.
(probably sent by printing to a virtual card punch, or worse).

In reading the exploded copy of my own mail, I realized that some
might missinterpret my comment about the Subject field.
It was meant to suggest that the original author should fix his own mailer
before critiquing the subject field content of others.

The new End to End has turned up some strange things: I regularly found
two subnet VCs used to talk to an MIT host. I wrote and asked them why; they
told me they didn't know. I asked them what they had their 1822 handling
type set to. They told me 7.

Best wishes,


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