Re: Life in the Swamps / Testing

Thu, 11 Feb 88 21:33:49 EST


Once upon a time Vint Cerf was keeper of the alligators and even Bob Braden
collected a few. I've got a backyard full of the critters myself. However,
the point of my remark was that we don't need to invent bizarre test suites,
just how well it works in the current environment. What may be more useful
for you would be to find out what the current environment really is (loss
rates, mangle angles, quench characteristiccs, etc., then build a flakeway
(broken network simulator) with similar characteristics and do war with it.
That's in fact how we did the initial IP testing (with credit to Bob Braden)
in the bakeoffs of antiquity.

I'll rephrase my homily: We have met the enemy and he is us. Now you may
understand my preocupation with swamps. Pass the stogies, Albert.


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