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Merton Campbell Crockett (
Thu, 11 Feb 88 17:13:34 PST


Thank you for the remark about the "From:" field. It may not be relevant but
it does seem that since the implementation of the new End/End Protocol that
there has been a marked increase of comments/suggestions in this forum from
interested parties without valid return addresses. Belay that remark, it
probably started with the change to "name servers" from "host tables", it
just got worse.

Perhaps its a problem with my view of electronic mail, particularly mail
that is for forwarded to ""; it is irrelevant to me whether
a subscriber to this service from "bangland" failed to leave his PC powered-up
to receive my comment or retort of questionable significance. Why should
I be inundated with "unable to deliver to xxx" messages? Its "tcp-ip" that
needs the knowledge as it may signify some network problem!

It does raise some questions about SMTP and its interpretation of "From:"
and "Forwarded by:". The reporting of delivery errors should always be
delivered to the "Forwarded by:" individual not the "From:" individual who
may not have authorized the dissemination of the message.

Merton Campbell Crockett


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