Life in the Swamps / Testing

Hal Peterson (
Thu, 11 Feb 88 17:18:09 CST


In view of your remark

   Having swept the alligators from the wrong end of the IMP, you are
   cordially invited to swat the lizards on the NSFNET Backbone and
   dependent tributaries. It's much like a municipal waterworks system
   going out to the users, but also like a municipal sewer system
   coming back.

I (as a tester of TCP/IP and user of the Internet) hope that somebody
out there is collecting the gooiest, scaliest monsters for eventual
domestication in a test suite. If there is bizarre behavior that
uncovers bugs and happens out there in the swamps, then we must have
samples with which to inoculate our implementations.

        ``Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat
        it.'' - George Santyana

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