Guidelines to write Subject

9 Feb 88 15:44:13 GMT

Will the persons making use of the net please follow the guidelines
below to write subject of their posting which is more intelligent
and reflect some percentage of the contents.

1. If the posting is an enquiry or a question, then at least follow
   the subject line with a question mark. ( For those who are not aware
   of this, "?" key on the keyboard used for q.m.)

2. If its a humor article and you want more people to read your posting
   then you should follow the subject line with a bang !

3. If the posting is supposed to be for serious netters, then I think
   just a period (".") is enough.

Please direct any/all comments to mkg@psuvm.BITNET

Enjoy posting intelligently..

Kamal Maheshwari.


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