Re: DDCMP Implementations

Kirk Smith (
10 Feb 88 18:17:52 GMT

In article <8802100151.AA10942@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> <> writes:
>Does anyone know of any synchronous DDCMP implementations written in C
>which are available in source form (I know about TCI)?

I wrote a DDCMP interface in C for our robots. It is complete
enough to talk to both a Cincinnatti Milacron and a Unimate robot.
It is not overly efficient, but should work for 4.2BSD or 4.3BSD.
It includes a tty line discipline to form incoming characters into
packets for increased efficiency. It seems to be able to recover properly
from unplugging the cable in the middle of communications.
It does not do all the maintenance mode stuff, and has no documentation
or support. It only does async I/O lines (no synchronous stuff).
It has been in use without problems for about 2 years.
I can make it available via ftp.

                                Kirk Smith

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