Re: SLIP for Ultrix

Prof. Torben N. Nielsen (uhccux!dorsai!
7 Feb 88 23:29:48 GMT

In article <8802060858.AA08978@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> AFDDN.TCP-IP@GUNTER-ADAM.ARPA writes:
>We have a uVAX running Ultrix that I would "like" to have SLIP on. Is such
>a beastie available? I saw the postings for UNIX, but not being a
>Unix or Ultrix wizard, I don't know how compatible the two really are.
>Any Ultrix wizards out there know about SLIP??

Can't claim to be an Ultrix wizard, but I seem to recall Fred Avolio of
the Ultirx Group at DEC posting a message saying that he did have SLIP
for Ultrix. I took a look at an Ultrix system at one time and kind of
came to the conclusion that trying to do it yourself to a binary Ultrix
distribution was no fun.


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