Dynamic routing support for Wollongong WIN/TCP

Barry D. Hassler (hassler@nap1.arpa)
Mon Feb 8 12:32:38 1988

Is anyone aware of any dynamic routing programs for Wollongong's
WIN/TCP running under VAX/VMS? According to Wollongong, they
will support something like the UNIX 'routed' (RIP protocol) in
release 3.2 (due out "in a couple of months"), but until that
time, I'm out of luck. We have several networks with multiple
redundant gateways and LOTS of VMS machines running the Wol-
longong software. Unfortunately, right now these machines don't
have any way to fall back to alternate routes should one die.

Any leads anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Barry D. Hassler
Control Data Corp

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