Re: SUN Serial Line Interface

Merton Campbell Crockett (
Sun, 7 Feb 88 11:25:53 PST

Barry, Bill, et. al.:

You're recollection of the operational characteristics of the DMR11 is accu-
rate. It starts transmitting START messages as soon as it is initialized at
either 1 or 3 second intervals depending upon the initialization parameters.

The basic problem is that a DIA approved "black box" will be inserted into
the serial link between the network node and the LAN which was developed,
unfortunately, with the assumption that a DMR11 would be present at both ends
of the serial link. The "black box" uses a Simpact IPC 1622 to interface to
the communication link using a DMR11 DDCMP 4.0 compatible prtocol implement-

Merton Campbell Crockett
EATON Information Management Systems
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