DCA Protocol Lab Test Tools

Bob Jones (bobj@MCL.UNISYS.COM)
Sun, 7 Feb 88 11:07:13 EST

I recently saw a message from Hal Peterson at Cray (hrp%ishmael.cray.com
@uc.msc.umn.edu) regarding the DCA protocol laboratory test tools
which were being beta tested and Cray submitted to those tests.

I have just one rebuttal to a comment made by Hal.

The tests themselves do not take a significant amount of time to run.
On the contrary, the complete protocol suite can be tested fully in
one or two days - providing the remote drivers are working properly
and the network is not giving us problems. We do have direct dial up
to the facility also. The problem that Hal alluded to in terms of
time is really that of trying to correct the bugs found and being
retested. That is what took so long. If the drivers are working
and net is ok, the following times are generally common for testing
the protocols:

TCP - 2 hours
IP - 6 hours (this is being reduced to approx 2 hours)
FTP - 1 hour
Telnet - 1 hour
SMTP - 1 hour

I want to reiterate that this is the actual testing time and not the
attempts to go off and correct problems and come back up for testing.


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