TCP/IP Protocol Testing Laboratory Program

Sat 6 Feb 88 15:30:46-EST

Well, It looks like there is a chance that we will get to have
some official testing labs for the TCP/IP protocols suite if those
interested in seeing it come about read the following information
carefully and supply their comments to the appropriate parties named
below. It is important that users and vendors make their desires
known to those who are empowered to establish this testing program.
We all know it is " bit late in coming" but as TCP/IP spreads
even farther into the world it is important to many that those
implementations be wrung out against some test before the
products are brought to market.

I have extracted the following from the Federal Register (what ever that is!)
and urge you to "vote".


Federal Register/ Vol 52, No. 232/ Thursday December 3, 1987

National Bureau of Standards
(Docket No. 71156-7256)

National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program: Defense
Department Communications Protocols

AGENCY: National Bureau of Standards, Commerce.

Action: Notice: Request for Comments

SUMMARY: The National Bureau of Standards (NBS) has received a request
to establish a laboratory accreditation program under the procedures of the
National Voluntary Accreditation Program (NVLAP) (15 CFR Part 7). In a
letter dated October 27, 1987, the Defense Communications Agency (DCA)
Defense Communications Engineering Center requests NBS to establish a
program to accredit laboratories that test the computer industry's
implementations of communications protocols used by the Department of
Defense. A copy of the DCA letter is appended to this notice.
Announcement of this request and of the NBS request for comments with
respect to the need for this program is being made under para 7.13(d)
of the referenced procedures.
DATE: Comments should be received at the addresses below on or before
February 1, 1988. (They will still take comments, no sweat...)
ADDRESSES: Persons desiring to comment on the need for such a program
are invited to submit their comments in writing to Captain Steven Skipper,
DCEC, Code R620, 1860 Wiehle Avenue, Reston, Va. 22090. A copy of such
comments should be sent to the Associate Director for Industry and Standards,
National Bureau of Standards, ADMIN A603, Gaithersburg, Md. 20899.

For Further Information Contact: Harvey W. Berger, Manager Laboratory
Accreditation, National Bureau of Standards, ADMIN A527, Gaithersburg,
Md. 20899 (301) 975-4017.

Supplementary Information:

NVLAP Accreditation

 NVLAP is a voluntary system for accrediting laboratories found competent
to perform specific testing operations. Competence is defined as a
laboratories ability to meet the NVLAP criteria and technical requirements
of the test methods for which it seeks accreditation. NVLAP accreditation
does not confer or imply certification of products or test date.

Scope of LAP

 The scope of this program is set forth in the [un]appended letter from the
Defense Communications Agency (DCA). The program will address (A) Defense
Data Network (DDN) X.25 Link and Network Layer protocols as specified in
the DCA DDN X.25 Host Interface Specification; (B) the five DoD packet
switching High Level protocols (HLP): (1) Internet Protocol (IP), MIL_STD
1777; (2) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), MIL-STD 1778; (3) File
Transfer Protocol (FTP), MIL-STD 1780; (4) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
(SMTP), MIL-STD 1781; and (5) TELNET, MIL-STD 1782, and (C) the AUTODIN
Mode I protocol testing. Laboratories may be accredited for testing one
or more of the protocol types.

Procedures Following Receipt of Comments: After 60 days comment period,
DCA will evaluate
all comments pertaining to the need for the proposed program. Upon
completion of that evaluation and further consultation with NBS, interested
persons (those who submit comments or request to be placed on the NVLAP
mailing list) will be notified of the decision by the Director of NBS
whether NBS will proceed with the development of this program. NBS plans
to coordinate this matter with DCA.

Documents in Public Record

  All comments in response to this notice will be made part of the public
record and will be available for inspection and copying at the NBS NVLAP
office. Administration Building, Room A531. Gathersburg, Maryland.


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