SUN Serial Line Interface

Merton Campbell Crockett (
Sat, 6 Feb 88 11:54:33 PST

With all the discussions in this forum concerning Sun Workstations, perhaps
someone can answer a question concerning serial line interfaces for the Sun.

We have a LAN with, among other workstations, Sun Workstations which must be
interfaced to a secure network over a synchronous serial channel using DDCMP
4.0 as the data link protocol which must be capable of supporting, at least,
a 9600 baud circuit. We would like to use a Sun Workstation to interface to
the secure network.

Sun marketing types indicate that there is no such interface available. Is
this an accurate statement? Are there any synchronous serial line interfaces
that can be used and are there drivers available? It would be preferable to
have the DDCMP 4.0 implementation on the board and to be compatible with the
DEC DMR11 implementation but not absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance,

Merton Campbell Crockett
EATON Information Management Systems
AN/GYQ-21(V) Program


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