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Tim Krauskopf (
Fri, 5 Feb 88 09:14:38 CST

Thanks to all who replied. I received several messages which
reminded me that 128.174.22 is interpreted as if you
don't specify that the last part is 0 or use a trailing period.

This doesn't help. Entering produces a UGH (host) entry
in the table because it still doesn't take it as a network address,
only a host address. True for SunOS 3.3, I don't know about 4.3BSD.

Stuart Levy wins the prize for the correct answer -- Special thanks.

# route -n add mygate 3

works because the undocumented (not on my man page) option of -n
forces the address to be a network entry. Maybe the documentation is
buried in the update pages for SunOS 3.3 or is in the 4.3 documentation.

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