Installation of an Excelan EXOS 225 Card on Toshiba AT

05 FEB 88 14:17:18

I have an Excelan EXOS 225 Card (LanAnalyser) which I want to install
on a Toshiba T3200 AT.
When I jumper the Cache-Memory of the EXOS-Board to Addresses
  8000, 9000 it does not work, because there is the normal memory
  B000 it does not work, because there is the Display memory
  A000 I get a PARITY ERROR 2 during Power-on Selftest of
               the Toshiba.
Does anyone now,
  what the PARITY ERROR 2 on the Toshiba means,
  has already installed such a board on a Toshiba PC (this one?)
      and what jumper-setting he has used,
  has any Idea what to do.

Johannes Demel,
Technical University Vienna

P.S. The card works on a XT-clone and another AT-clone.
     I have already tested using IRQ 2 and 3, and different
     IO-Base-addresses (300,310,320,360). Nothing helps
     to remove the Parity Error.

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