Who knows this Ethernet-board?

Thu, 04 Feb 88 17:09:37 CET

Here at University Marburg, Germany we have a bunch of
Siemens PCD (MS-DOS -) computers. Some have a Ethernetboard installed.
We are a bit confused about these Boards. Perhaps these cards
were manufactured by 3COM.

    The boards are labeld: Siemens Ethenet Rev. 2 0
    Outside is a sticker by 3COM stating the Ethernetaddress
    e.g. 026080-151019. Some of the Chips on the board:
      DI 0755-01 8607
      SEEQ D0 8001 85344
      Sony 5H06 CXK5816P
    I've no idea whether these are the relevant chips, they just look most
    impressive to me.
    On the board is one switch and a chunt block to select between Thinwire
    and Tranceiver.


1) Where can we get more information about these cards? Low level
   interfaces, addreses, registers, interrupts and such.

2) Is this board (software-)compatible to any "well known" card, like
   3C501, 3C505, WD8003?

3) We would like to run Novell Netware. Where can we get the drivers?


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