TCP/IP for Amdahl UTS System V

Thu, 04 Feb 88 11:26:43 CST


We are looking for some way to run TCP/IP from our UTS UN*X system. UTS is
being run as a virtual machine on an Amdahl 5860 under VM/SP HPO Rel. 4.2.
The VM system is connected to Internet via Spartacus K200 Ethernet Controller
and running KNET software. UTS version is System V.2/UTS 1.1.3. We would like
to know what options we have with this setup. Is another Ethernet box required?
Is it possible, impossible, difficult, feasible to make KNET route packets
bound for a pseudo-hardware address to the UTS virtual machine, such as has
been done with RSCS here? What vendors can provide TCP/IP software for UTS and
can that software work under the UTS system which runs as a virtual machine?

We're still in the fact-finding stage and I am only helping a little bit with
this project but as I am already on this list I am making the request for info
for the one who will be responsible for implementing any plans we make toward
setting up UTS for TCP/IP.

Please don't give me too many flames for my use of "UN*X," either...I won't
give any of you any for using "VMess..."

Thanks in advance,

--Shane Davis
  Programming Assistant
  Texas A&M Univ. Computing Svcs. Ctr. Software Systems Group

        BITnet THEnet Internet

  RSD1901@TAMSIGMA ZAC::RSD1901 --------
  X233SD@TAMVM1 ------
        ------ CONS::RSD1901

        SPAN: UTSPAN::UTADNX::(THEnet addr)

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