TCP window sizing
2 Feb 88 14:27:00 PST

>A lot of effort has gone into tuning TCP round trip time estimates.
>Question: has anyone looked into techniques for tuning TCP window sizes?
>Intuitively, I expect that increasing the window size for a TCP-based
>file transfer would increase throughput until the slowest link in the
>path saturates. Beyond this point, throughput would remain constant but
>round trip delay would goes up, unnecessarily increasing delay for other
>users of the same path. It would be nice to find an algorithm that found
>and operated at this optimal operating point automatically. Any ideas?


Have you seen any of Van Jacobsen's work on TCP? His algorithms include
dynamically adjusting the TCP window based on Acks and Timeouts in an
attempt to optimize the widow for current congestion levels. He has
done some very good process control analysis to understand the dynamics
of the system.

                                                Art Berggreen


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