Xyplex MAXserver 5000

Denis Haskin (dhaskin%lucy.wellesley.edu@RELAY.CS.NET)
Tue, 2 Feb 88 12:26:58 est

Has anyone had any experience with the Xyplex MAXserver 5000 (in any
configuration), in any kind of environment? Their glossy and the information
available thus far in the trades is not really very detailed, and I am be
particularly interested in any hands-on experience.

Please respond directly to me (I cannot regularly read the tcp-ip list because
of the volume of traffic) and I will summarize back to these lists.

Thanks, and apologies if you received duplicates because of the cross-posting.

Denis W. Haskin, Network Manager
Wellesley College DHaskin@Lucy.Wellesley.Edu -or-
Wellesley, MA 02181 Denis@Bambam.Wellesley.Edu

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