Re: selective RIP

Jeffrey C Honig (
Sun, 31 Jan 88 07:47:35 -0500

>Does any one now of a RIP implementation for BSD UNIX that
>can be selective of the RIP routes it adds to the routing
>tables? Basically, I would like to have a gateway's (it happens
>to a Sun-3 running SunOS 3.4) RIPper only install routes to
>subnets of a B class address (please not ask why, it's gross :-).
>I have a copy of gated ( but absolutely no documentation
>(except for the code itself). Can gated do this? If so, is
>there a newer version? any documentation?

Yes, gated. is the latest version. Yes, it can do what you want.
It is available for anonymous FTP from as
pub/gated/gated.tar and pub/gated/gated.tar.Z (compressed). And yes,
there is documentation with the distributed version.


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