CMU <-> Ultrix tcp/ip ftp crash fixed

Edward Wilkinson (munnari!vuwcomp!csvaxa!
28 Jan 88 21:49:33 GMT

Having experienced a great deal of frustration with the CMU TCP/IP
software, I must retract some of my recent hasty critisism of the
package. The result however was that I received a piece of information
from Richard Sharpe in Australia. Having acted on his information it
would appear that some of the problems we were having between Ultrix
and CMU, and Ultrix and Prime FTP seem to have gone.

Apparently not all TCP/IP implementations support 'trailers', CMU
doesn't and we believe that the PRIME implementation doesn't either.
The Ultrix 2.0 implementation enables trailers by default. This
crashes the other two implementations quite frequently. By turning off
trailers '/etc/ifconfig ... ... -trailers' we now seem to be able to
get the various versions to talk to each other without crashing.

I hope this information will be of assistance to any others that have
been having similiar problems.

CSNET/ACSnet/Internet:	 New Zealand = GMT+12

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