Re: TCP/IP for AT&T 3B5 system

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30 Jan 88 00:34:34 GMT

In article <8801290950.AA12258@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> SIMXT@UOTTAWA.BITNET (Lew Shepherdson) writes:
>Any recommendations for TCP/IP implementations using Ethernet that run
>on an AT&T System V Unix system?
If you are running a pure ATT SVR2.1 on a 3b5 forget it. The answer I
have gotten time and time again from ATT is upgrade to a 3b15 and get
WIN/3B from us. I have now been waiting almost a year for this
magickal feat to take place. It is now scheduled for the first
week in Feb.

If you have a 3b2 you can get the STREAMS version under 5.3 from ATT.
Unfortunatly, although TWG wrote it they are under an exclusive
marketing contract with ATT. The 3b2 version I have ( non-STREAMS)
works reasonably well, but it requires a host table and we are a
domain based operation. Oh well.

Hope this helps.

>Lew Shepherdson

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