ARPANET Upgrade Bulletin Board

Fri, 29 Jan 88 14:55:49 PST

At the request of Code B613 of the DDN DCS, the NIC is establishing an
ARPANET PSN 7.0 Upgrade bulletin board. The information sent to
this bboard will contain weekly status reports concerning problems and
solutions related to the upgrade of ARPANET PSNs to the new end-to-end

If you choose to be on the distribution list for this bboard, you will
receive weekly status reports on upgrade developments, problems and
resolutions. All status reports will be archived in a mail file on
SRI-NIC.ARPA. Archived reports can either be FTPed using
login="anonymous" and password="guest" or requested through SERVICE,
the NIC's automatic mail service. The pathname is

If you want to be added to the distribution list, please send an
electronic mail request to electronic mail request to NIC@SRI-NIC.ARPA.

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