PASV support

Rob Austein (SRA@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Fri, 29 Jan 1988 11:38 EST

    Date: Thursday, 28 January 1988 15:38-EST

        Any implementations out there, other than BSD 4.3, that
        support FTP PASV/3-party transfers?

The TOPS-20 FTP server supports PASV. Given the ancestry of FTPSRT, I
assume the TENEX FTP server also supports PASV. Neither of the two
TOPS-20 user FTP programs supports use of PASV directly, although one
of them (Stanford's) supports a QUOTE command for the fearless types
who are willing to roll their own protocol negotiations.

The ITS FTP server doesn't support PASV. The ITS user FTP program
claims to support the use of PASV for third party transfers. I don't
know if anybody has ever actually used this feature or if it works.
The ITS user FTP also supports QUOTE.


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