Re: booting using tftp

C. Philip Wood (cpw%sneezy@LANL.GOV)
Fri, 29 Jan 88 08:58:34 MST

> Is anyone out there booting PCs using tftp? Is it possible to cram tftp
> into the 8K that is available on the NI5210 (for example)?

Ignore this if you just want an answer to your question.

This is just an anecdote:

Sun put out some strange software early on which, after all was said
and done, caused some client machines to request a boot from an IBM pc
on another LAN connected via a Sun acting as an IP router.
This essentially froze the pc (due to numerous ethernet interrupts) not to
mention the client which could not boot. We put some software in the PC
to send back a junk "vmunix" which shut the client up for a while.

Phil Wood
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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